Submit A Proposal To The New Campus Green Fund!

Starting today, you can submit a proposal to the University’s new Green Fund!

The Green Fund is a student-financed, student-managed fund for campus sustainability projects. We are accepting proposals starting TODAY!

Do you have a project idea to decrease the carbon footprint of Wes? Decrease waste? Increase the use of renewable energy? We are looking for innovative, well-developed proposals that can move the university forward in sustainability and environmental stewardship.

For more information/ ideas/ to submit an application, visit:

Due date: Applications will be approved on a rolling basis. Deadline is December 3rd!

Contact Sophie Ackoff ’11 (sackoff@wes) with questions.

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3 thoughts on “Submit A Proposal To The New Campus Green Fund!

  1. huh?

    why is there a deadline? i thought it was like the sbc and concert committee where they meet on a weekly basis?

    1. Evan Weber

      You can submit your proposal at any time. In order for the committee to consider it for funding in the first semester, your proposal must be submitted by December 3rd. If you submit the proposal after this deadline we will not be able to consider it for funding until the following semester. It says in the post that proposals will be accepted on a rolling basis and funding will be allocated on a rolling basis as well, response time varying based on the magnitude and complexity of the proposal.
      Hope that helps.

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