Das Racist Rapper Ranked 25th Best Artist Twitter

Welcome to the 2010s. We blog about other pop culture sites’ numerical rankings of musical artists’ Twitter accounts. In this way, we give our lives meaning.

In this instance, two notable Wes alums—Himanshu Suri ’07 of Das Racist and Amanda Palmer ’98 of Dresden Dolls—make the cut, on Pitchfork’s Top 40 Artist Twitters. Suri, at a respectable #25, is praised for his “crudely irreverent, winningly hilarious, slyly political, and randomly referential” tweets, which, when you think about it, aren’t a hell of a lot different from Das Racist lyrics. Palmer, meanwhile, gets mad cred for her wildly active and inventive Tweeting—”holding contests, TwitPicing often, and exchanging frequent @s with her fiancee, writer Neil Gaiman.”

It’s good to know that Wes alums are making their mark on the Twittersphere, I guess. It occurred to me that a breakdown of the Top 40 Wes Student Twitters would be a pretty entertaining feature. Then it occurred to me that that would entail scrolling through at least 40 Wes student Twitters. Sorry, guys.

Read the full Pitchfork list here, if you’re so inclined.

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