Composting! It’s here!

Yes, it’s the moment y’all have all been waiting for during your tenure at Wes: a student group has sprouted up on campus to take care of all your composting needs (beyond your own individual separation of organic material, of course). So, I’m sure you’re wondering: When can I start composting? How do I get a bucket? What can I compost? Naturally, these questions would pile up in any student’s mind, much like the way we are going to eventually compile all of your organic waste and turn it into nutrient-rich fertilizer to give back to Wesleyan’s campus. First thing’s first:

Can I compost?

If you live in a residence with a kitchen (woodframe, senior fauver, hi/lo-rise, program house, or other apartment), you can compost. It’s just as easy as taking out the trash!

How do I compost?

The only thing you need is a 5-gallon bucket to collect food waste and some basic info about what can be composted. The best part is we can give all of this to you for free! Once you have everything, you simply need to take the food waste out and put it into a nearby composting container when your bucket fills up! The container (with a little help from the composting committee) will do all of the work for you!

How do I get a bucket?

We will be having two (20-minute) training sessions, this Wednesday and Thursday at 8 p.m. in Usdan 110. Delicious homemade apple crisp will be provided by Farm House! Stop by for an after dinner treat and get all of the necessary materials to compost.

And remember, composting means that reducing your ecological footprint is just as easy as taking out the trash!

In case you don’t want to read any of the info posted above, here’s a recap:

  • Who: Residents with kitchens
  • What: 20 minute training sessions to learn about composting and retrieve your 5-gallon bucket
  • Where: Usdan 110
  • When: Wednesday (11/10) and Thursday (11/11) at 8 p.m.

There will be (free) Apple Crisp, and it will be delicious.

E-mail wesleyancompost(at)gmail(dot)com with any questions, and be sure to check out the website.

For every one pound of waste composted, you prevent six pounds of CO2 emissions.

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2 thoughts on “Composting! It’s here!

  1. Composting Committee

    So, here’s the deal with dorms. We really want to expand coverage to as many as people as possible. However, we are concerned that with so many people living in dorms, we will have problems with people composting the wrong things. Additionally, the composting containers are not quite as close to the dorms as they are to the houses.
    With that said, if you would like to establishing a compost container in your dorm and some process for that compost to be taken to the composting container when it is full, sure! We would like to have someone in the dorm help introduce and monitor the project. So, if you would want to be that person in your dorm, shoot an email to or come to one of our training sessions on Wednesday or Thursday.

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