UK Students Protest Tuition Hike

About 50,000 people, mostly students, protested today in the United Kingdom against tuition increases imposed by the Conservative-Liberal Democrat coalition currently in power.  It seems like they had quite a rowdy time too.  Here are some highlights from The Guardian‘s liveblog coverage:

Fires burning, eggs thrown, windows smashed, activists with scarves across their faces barricaded into a marble-clad lobby after exchanging punches with police, all to chants of “Tory Scum”. Feels like the 1980s here at Millbank Towers.


Batons have been used, but police have been subjected to a constant barrage of missiles (mainly placard sticks and eggs, but I have seen bottles) and at least two officers have been injured. Protesters have also just managed to smash a three metre high window at the front of the building.

I can’t see this calming any time soon. Someone has just turned up with a drum’n’bass sound-system. Police have also drafted in their riot squad, the Territorial Support Group.

Helmets and full riot gear are out. As are about a thousand iPhones and digital cameras.

There’s some interesting video here of “Tory Scum” chants, and also:

Reports are also suggesting some students have occupied a London School of Economics building – hopefully we’ll have more on this soon.

[The Guardian]

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