Film Series: “Black Dynamite”

2009. USA. Dir: Scott Sanders. With Michael Jai White, Tommy Davidson. 84 min.

A smart, pitch-perfect send-up of the blaxploitation film presents the eponymous antidote to Austin Powers – the baddest gat-toting, bitty-bangin, fro-coiffin’, jive-talkin’ action hero since the seventies. When a conspiracy is hatched involving malt liquor, a heroin ring, and Richard Nixon himself, nobody can straighten it out (read: kick serious ass) quite like Black Dynamite. Shazam!

DATE: Tonight, November 12
PLACE: CFS, Goldsmith Family Cinema

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One thought on “Film Series: “Black Dynamite”

  1. Erik

    Anyone who missed this is a fool.

    “The worst thing about these dealers getting children addicted to this new smack, is that these children are ORPHANS…. And orphans don’t have parents.”

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