Safe Sexfest 2010: Sexy Can I

The culmination of SAFE SEXFEST 2010! ASHA hopes that this concert/dance/sexy extravaganza will be one for the ages. What better way to culminate a SEXFEST than by GETTING DOWN…after an amazing concert! (Consensually and with protection, obviously).

With a killer lineup of some of the hottest campus acts, this will literally BLOW your mind (and possibly other parts of your body that shall remain nameless, just as long as you’ve got a dental dam).

10pm-11 pm: 2 Risky Fresh DJs
11pm-12am: MAD WOW
12am-1am: Darkslope & Paradise StomP
1am-2am: 3 Risky Fresh DJs


When: TONIGHT, FRIDAY 11/12 10:00PM-2:00AM
Where: Psi U
Cost: $3 in Usdan at lunch and dinner, $4 at the door
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P.S: Don’t worry about bringing condoms out for the night…we’ve got you covered.

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6 thoughts on “Safe Sexfest 2010: Sexy Can I

  1. ASHA

    We’re really glad you have questions – we are all about communication.

    This event IS about an open discussion of secuality to promote safer sex practices, healthy communication, and enthusiastic consent.

    This is NOT the Sex Party. Please save your sexy underwear for your enthusiastically consenting partner’s eyes only.

    Check out ASHA’s communication phrases that will be covering the walls and don’t forget to pick up ASHA’s Guide to Enthusiastic Consent before you leave!

    It is incredibly important to us that our party is a safe space. If at any point in the night you feel that this is not being achieved, please do not hesitate to let our ASHA event staff know.

    Love, ASHA

    P.S. – “no, sexy. you cannot.” is an absolutely valid and totally awesome response to “Sexy can I?”

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