Roth Rakes Some In

Speaking of President Roth, The Chronicle of Higher Education’s annual salary report is out.  The report lists the compensation in 2008 of university presidents throughout the country.  The New York Times points out that thirty presidents of private colleges were paid over a million dollars.  It goes on, (down from 82%) “78 percent of presidents of private colleges, however, had total compensation packages of less than $600,000 in 2008.”

The President of Wesleyan Wellesley came in 19th among the “Baccalaureate colleges – Arts & Sciences.”  Michael Roth came in 28th with $535,344 as his 2008-9 total compensation package.  You can view more information about his compensation here.  The site considerately puts the institution revenues ($197,167,000 for Wes) and expenditures ($225,619,000 for Wes) down also for comparative purposes.

In case anyone cares, here’s an abbreviated chart of Wesleyan and some of our “peer institutions.”  The highest college in the category, Franklin & Marshall, pays its president about $326,000 more and Vassar, who we seem to rank near often, pays its president about $73,000 less.

Personally, I love President Roth.  We should keep paying him.  A bit of transparency doesn’t hurt though.

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3 thoughts on “Roth Rakes Some In

  1. Colombe

    it was never a secret, not sure why you’re talking about transparency. football coach’s salary might be another story

  2. Alum '10

    Keep in mind that three of the presidents in that chart just retired (see the asterisks next to their names), so their compensation will be higher due to retirement stuff. If you go to the site and click on each president, Roth really does make a salary comparable to schools like Amherst, Middlebury, and Swarthmore (mid $300,000’s for all of them). Roth’s compensation is less because he isn’t just-hired (why he made more last year) or just-retired.

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