Buy Tickets for Shining Hope Benefit at Psi U!

Ari Fishman ’13 wants to point Wesleyan towards a noble cause and great night at Psi U!

On NOVEMBER 19th, get ready for a good time for an even better cause. Three bands (Static Stamina, Linus, and Wordsmith) will be rocking the house at PSI U for a concert from which all proceeds will be donated to Shining Hope for Communities, the humanitarian organization started by Wesleyan’s own Kennedy Odede ’12 and Jessica Posner ’09.

If you don’t know about Shining Hope by now, you better ask somebody…this is the organization behind incredible projects like the Kibera School for Girls and the Johanna Justin-Jinich Memorial Community Clinic of Kibera, and they can use all of our support in the important work they are doing in Kenya.

So come out, have a good time, get crazy, and let’s heat up November for what we promise will be a HUGE night of music.

  • Date: Friday, November 19th
  • Time: 10 PM
  • Place: Psi U
  • Cost: $3 in advanced (at Usdan Lunch/Dinner all week) or $4 at the door

For more information about Shining Hope for Communities, check out their website.

Ari’s got some info about the bands after the jump.


Put your party hands up for STATIC STAMINA, the most obnoxious crazy punky rappy party music to hit campus ever. With their self-described “weight-lifting music” sound, the Statics bring real hip-hop to the masses, infused with influences ranging from extreme to gentle. Featuring Jacob “Energy” Eichengreen, Nicole “Energy” Lepre, Danny “Energy” Sullivan, Will “Energy” Feinstein, Nate “Energy” Jacobs, Stefan “Energy” Skripak, and Adrien “Da Plumper Thumper” DeFontaine. Also featuring Molly “Small Girl, Big Heart” Balsam. Come ready to go hard.


LINUS is your favorite Wesleyan garage pop band. These kids drop track after track of gritty, feel-good indie pop that is sure to keep you on your toes, and to keep those toes dancing at the same time. You might have caught them last May opening for Dirty Projectors, The Black Lips, and Big Boi at Spring Fling. Linus features Dema Paxton Fofang, Jason Katzenstein, Dylan Bostick, Ethan Young, and John Snyder.


WORDSMITH & THE CONCERT G’s are back to put some knock in your neck once again. Dynamic emcee WordSmith (Josh Smith ’11) rocks the stage backed by an 11-piece juggernaut of a hip-hop band complete with hard hitting horns, big bass lines, and a whole lot of soul. This crew is about the love, and about breaking down the wall between band and crowd, so you best expect to be using your voice as much as your ears. The Concert G’s are: Louis Russo, Jared Paul, Gabe Gordon, Nate Mondschein, Donovan Arthen, Will Monson, Spencer Hattendorf, Myles Potters, Emma Daniels, and Natasha Yeracaris.sdfs

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