Watson Informational Meeting

Attention juniors!

The Watson Fellowship gives you $25,000 to travel around the world doing a self-designed project based on your passion for one year after you graduate. If you’re interested in applying for the Watson Fellowship next September, come to the Watson Informational Meeting!

Date: Nov. 18
Time: Noon – 1:00 PM
Place: Usdan 110 (Andersen Meeting Room)
Cost: Possibly -$25,000

For more information, including past projects by Wes students that have won Watson Fellowships, check out Wesleyan’s page for the Fellowship here (don’t forget to freak out upon realizing you’ve missed all the deadlines).You’ve got an hour before the Usdan meeting–good luck and godspeed.

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4 thoughts on “Watson Informational Meeting

  1. Anonymous


    Please stop. You aren’t funny. You’re undercutting these posts. The point of Wesleying is to provide a place for students to share information. Not for you to make fun of or joke about that information.

    -Student ’11

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