Sophomores Participate in 48-Hour Film Competition

What’d you do this weekend?

A team of nine film-savvy sophomores (Neo Sora, Will Feinstein, Daniel Sullivan, Adrien DeFontaine, Stefan Skripak, Anwar Batte, Sofia Warren, Rebecca Kitsis, John Schmidt, all ’13) filmed. A lot. Entirely in the 48-hour span between 8:00 PM Friday and 8:00 PM Sunday (tonight).

Specifically, they put together a submission for Ivy Film Festival‘s 48-Hour Film Competition, which asks teams of up to 10 undergraduates to make a movie (5–7 minutes in length) created entirely in that 48-hour span. From the contest rules:

The Film submitted to the Contest shall be created in whole within the 48-hour time slot allotted. . . All creative processes must be done within this time period, including scripting, shooting, costuming, set design, editing, rehearsing, sound design, etc. . . . All footage used in the film must be created within the 48-hour time slot.

Directed by Neo Sora (who won the Jury Prize with last year’s Blue State Romance), the Weskids’ submission, entitled simply Punk, stars (who else?) Will Feinstein and features original music by Daniel Sullivan and Adrien DeFontaine. Also, there’s a performance by The Japanese (specifically, their excellent set at yesterday’s Eighth Day of the Week festival), and a [**SPOILER**]  guitar that gets the shit smashed out of it and cameos by Howe Pearson ’12, the Usdan Campus Center, EastCo, WestCo Café,and various other Wes students. Yeah, there’s a lot crammed into seven minutes.

Check it out:

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  2. Ayn Rand

    This isn’t exactly a raging endorsement, but it is better than some of last year’s Senior Thesis Films.

  3. Haze

    says the douche who has been sitting on his butt for the past couple days. you needa stop sippin on that hatorade

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