Buru Style – “The Omnidenominational Holiday Experience”

From campus favorite Buru Style, who just rocked Westco Friday night, comes an album of multidenominational holiday song reinterpretations:

The Omnidenominational Holiday Experience is a collection of wild (dare we say “zany”?) reinterpretations of classic holiday music from several faiths. It’s the kind of good time you can have with friends at 2am, with the neighborhood kids the next afternoon, and with the whole fam around the fire on that special December night of your choice.

Jake Schofield ’12 writes in with some further details:

Not only is it for all religious purposes, it is a truly dynamic album! These tunes sound great whether you’re baking cookies (or latkahs) with your mommy, or you’re gettin baked in your dorm room with your friends (or mommy).

Physical copies are for sale at Joe’s Music Store on Main Street, as well as online (price includes shipping!). Or if you wanna ‘go green’ or be lazy, just download the MP3s. Do it!

You can stream, download, or order the album here. Seriously, this tripped out take on “Hannukah, Oh Hannukah” is either the most brilliant or the most irritating thing I’ve ever heard. Decide for yourself.

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