Vote Shea Dwyer ’10 for Gagliardi Trophy!

Another day, another honor for Shea Dwyer ’10. Having already set school records for rushing in a game, season, and career, and received first-team all-NESCAC honors, Shea is now a player on the national stage as well, having recently been named one of 10 finalists for the Gagliardi Trophy, the Division III equivalent of the Heisman Trophy.

The field has already been narrowed from 26 nominees to 10 finalists, and only four of those finalists will make the final cut. Each member of the 35-member national selection committee ranks the candidates 1-10 and submits his/her vote…but there are 36 ballots in all. Yes, that’s right, fan voting comprises the “36th ballot.” Voting is open now on; the deadline is this Tuesday (Nov. 30) at noon. Regardless of your views on athletes, anyone who knows Shea knows that there are few (if any) people here as deserving of this award. Besides, wouldn’t this be a nice break from constantly hearing about how we’re the Most Vegetarian-Friendly College? Gagliardi Trophy ballot down to 10

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8 thoughts on “Vote Shea Dwyer ’10 for Gagliardi Trophy!

  1. duckling

    Shea is one of the few athlete men i met at Wes that is really dedicated to sport of his choice. Some people just play for the sake of it and some people passionately play and work for improvement. i respect those who work and walk their dream and goal rather than getting by. You should vote for him.

  2. Recent alum

    Anon: What, Wesleyan shouldn’t succeed in more things except hippyism? Wesleyan can be the most vegetarian friendly country AND have the best DIII football player at the same time. That’s what makes Wesleyan so special. It seems you’re only interested in a narrow scope of life. Too bad for you.

    Also, Conn College? Don’t you mean Williams? Amherst? Middlebury? A “sports-oriented” school? Wesleyan does pretty well at sports, mind you. It just happens the NESCAC is the most competitive DIII conference, and Wesleyan is an average school NESCAC-wise.

    Did you know we also have the best science program of any liberal arts college? I bet you shudder at that too, because you think Wesleyan should only be artsy. Sucks for you, now, doesnt it?

  3. anon

    No, it wouldn’t “be a nice break from constantly hearing about how we’re the most vegetarian-friendly college” because that’s what Wesleyan identity should continue to be. Although I voted for him, titles like this are the sorts of things that should be kept at schools like Conn College.

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