1920’s at Alpha Delta Phi

A swanky message from the one and only Cheryl Tan ’11

HEY! Do you wanna feel SO COPACETIC?! (chill and okay)

This week, get dolled up (dressed up), put some galoshes on your dogs (feet) and get a wiggle on (move) down to the ab-so-lute-ly keen (awesome) and ritzy (awesome) Alpha Delta Phi for days on end of nifty (awesome) workshops, talks films and music from the roaring 20’s!

Here’s a quick rundown of events:

8pm, ADP Greene Room – Film! Probably something with Buster Keaton

8pm, ADP Greene Room – 20’s Fashion, a talk by Kim Prosise ’11
9pm, ADP Greene Room – Film! Probably Pandora’s Box, or The Great Gatsby

6.45pm, ADP Greene Room – Swing basic workshop by Jan Marie Olownia ’11

Harry and the Potters (not exactly part of the 20’s shindigs)

All day, ADP Multiple Locations – Films and Documentaries
2pm, Fayerweather Dance Studio – Charleston Review Lesson by WesSwing
6pm, ADP Greene Room – Musics and Cultures in the 20s by Lindsay Wright ’10
8.30pm, ADP Living Room and Foyer – Soiree/Shindig/Hop

More details about each day’s events after the break!

Date: Tuesday, Nov. 30 through Saturday, Dec. 4
Place: 185 High Street
Cost: all for free!
Link: http://www.facebook.com/thisposthasbeenedited

Not quite sure about how best to get gussied up (dressed up) in the manner of the times? No worries, cool cat Kim Prosise is gonna talk to us all about the glad rags (nice clothes) on Wednesday evening, so you’ll be on the up and up (on the level) about how to clothe those chassis (bodies, but especially female). What a darb (an excellent person or thing, very reliable).

Thursday night! We understand that some of you hoofers (dancers) naturally have a couple of left feet. The swing dancing basic workshop will give you all you need for a whoopee (to have a good time) on Saturday night instead of standing around like a bunch of Palookas (social outsider. But who are we kidding, that’s cool too. This is Alpha Delt.) Big ups to WesSwing and Jan Marie Olownia, who is the cat’s pajamas (awesome).

Friday night is Harry and the Potters. Come for that too. You can dress as flappers if you wish.

SATURDAY! We go completely off our nuts (crazy) all day long. We’ll be screening documentaries and films throughout the day, Lindsay Wright is up from Philadelphia to talk to us about that hip swinging cool jazz we all know and love, and at 2pm, head to the Fayerweather Dance Studio for a Charleston Review Session by the same swell (awesome) livewires (energetic people).

And at night, listen to the smooth jazz stylings of:

Molly Balsam – Sings and plays, a really retro Alicia Keys
Chelsea Goldsmith and Dan Kieval – Tribute to the one and only Lady Day (Billie Holiday)
Lana – Stride piano bitches!
The Pythagoras Boys – A newly formed ensemble of pure liquid awesome. This name may change.
Thelonius Funk – these cats need no introduction.

*Ahem* Prohibition will be “strictly” “enforced”.

** edit ** The 2pm Charleston Review Lesson is on SATURDAY not Thursday

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2 thoughts on “1920’s at Alpha Delta Phi

  1. Jan Marie

    Yo Cheryl, This is inaccurate. The lesson in Fayerweather is 2pm on SATURDAY. Yo Wesleying, Please update accordingly.

  2. Blair

    Time changes for Wednesday:
    7pm ADP Greene Room – 20?s Fashion, a talk by Kim Prosise ’11
    8pm, ADP Greene Room – Film! Probably Pandora’s Box, or The Great Gatsby

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