Apply to Be a Peer Health Advocate

From Alyssa Bogdanow ’11:

The Peer Health Advocates from WesWELL are accepting applications for new members through Friday, December 3rd. Apply if you want to make Wesleyan a healthier place! For more information, please visit the Weswell website or email the PHA leaders (phaleader(at)wesleyan(dot)edu). The online application can be found here.

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6 thoughts on “Apply to Be a Peer Health Advocate

  1. btb

    This worship of a MALE phallic symbol is CLEARLY so gender-normative, it’s disgusting. I can’t BELIEVE anyone would think THIS is OK! The ONLY ACCEPTABLE COURSE OF ACTION is to add a PICTURE of VAGINA WORSHIP to the post, to show that ALL genitals are PERFECT!

    1. esc

      Ugh no, that would just be objectification of the female genitalia and the female body by association; don’t be stupid.

      The so-called worship going on here is clearly parodic. It’s a deconstruction of the male phallus by exaggerating it’s absurdity.


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