It’s for real! They’re coming here this Friday because of the beautiful Cheryl Tan ’11 and the Adelphic Education Fund. Tickets are free, but they’ll go fast. Be at the Star and Crescent, 185 High Street, to accio one into your own wizard rock-loving hands.

Hello, Potters enthusiasts!

The schedule for the Friday:

5.30 pm, ADP Greene Room, Film Screening of We Are Wizards
7.30 pm, ADP Greene Room, Q&A with the band
9.30 pm, ADP Living Room/Foyer/Front Porch, Concert

I (Cheryl) will be giving out the tickets in chunks at S and C Hours this Wednesday Dinner, Thursday Lunch and Thursday Dinner. This means one third of them at each giving.

You don’t need a ticket to watch the film and attend the Q&A, but there are fire safety capacity things which mean that we will not be able to accommodate everyone who wants to come.

The same applies to the concert, but we have enough room for about 200 people. The windows will be open and we are working on overspill strategies, but there’s not much we can do there.

This is going to be awesome!

Date: Friday, December 3rd
Time: 5:30, 7:30 and 9:30
Place: 185 High Street
Cost: Free, but ticketed

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