Brighter Dawns Gingerbread House Building Contest!

Come get in the holiday spirit of giving and show off your creativity this Saturday afternoon by participating in a Gingerbread House Building Contest, brought to you by Brighter Dawns and Bon Appetit!

Rally your friends together, form a team and email brighterdawnsATgmailDOTcom with your team name and the number of people in your team. It costs $4/person if you pre-register and $5/person if you show up and register on Saturday itself.

Winners will receive a gingerbread trophy, proceeds will go towards Brighter Dawns’ efforts at improving health and sanitation in Bangladesh and your beautiful gingerbread houses will be donated to Amazing Grace Food Pantry.

What: Gingerbread House Building Contest
When: Sat, Dec 4, 12 noon to 3pm
Where: Usdan lobby
Cost: $4/person if you pre-register, $5/person for walk-ins
Facebook event

Edit: Gingerbread and some decorative materials will be provided, but feel free to bring additional decorations if you’d like. Sorry for the confusion!

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6 thoughts on “Brighter Dawns Gingerbread House Building Contest!

  1. Yay! Gingerbread!

    I have no idea why people are making illogical criticisms. You are making this a big deal for nothing!
    This is for a great cause and a great event!

  2. calm

    Those who want to take home their house can after they make them. Those who want to donate them can donate them.

  3. Pfft

    yo plus isn’t one charity enough? you are already helping brighter dawns- just cuz you stick more names and causes on it doesnt mean more people will want to help

  4. pfft

    fuck that i want to make a gingerbread house to EAT

    plus what kind of food pantry donation is a sugary, unhealthy gingerbread house anyway?

  5. Doubt

    are you sure amazing grace will accept the houses? they are usually pretty stringent about what they will or will not accept and unless you are doing it with bon appetit’s materials and under their cooking conditions they likely wont accept it

    1. bd

      No worries, they have accepted them. (But, we are making the gingerbread under the supervision of Bon Appetit)

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