Russian Department Discussion Panel

Russia: that ever-evasive, enchanting yet terrifying, historically violent political playground that’s produced the world’s most infamous criminals and inspiring revolutionaries.

This Thursday night please join Russian House and faculty for enlightening discussion. Professors will engage in debate, but the questions and topics are your call – anything from Stalin’s purges to Putin’s pecs.

Let’s be real. You’ve got questions. And if you don’t, well you’re not curious enough so sit back and relax with a fat plate of Haveli and an eager ear while all the smart kids ask the questions. Either way everybody wins.

WHEN: This Thursday, December 2nd from 6-7PM
WHERE: Downey House Lounge
WHO: Russian Faculty and interested students
WHAT: A panel where faculty will discuss questions posed by students (AND free Haveli dinner)
WHY: We all want to know what they think because they have PhD’s and are super freakin smart*
*And special guest, psychohistorian Phil Pomper, will be returning from retirement. If you missed the chance to have a class with him this is an event you do NOT want to miss. Trust me.

–from Laura Lupton ’12

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