KanYe rocks Wesleyan College: Online Edition

So, word on the street is that guy who made beats for Jay-Z came out with an album of his own…and apparently, it’s good (who’da thunk?)! If you’ve been raving about it with your hallmates for at least a week now, then surely you’ve seen it make its mark on Wes around the net-o-webs:


For the uninitiated: that’s a graph of the most frequent top artists for all the members of the Wesleyan group on last.fm. That means that Kanye West appears on our top artist charts for the week about three times as much as any of the nearest competitors. Seems like we do want you chillin’ with your phoenix, Mr. West.

Much more ado about nothing after the jump.

Also note the strong second-place showing from Twin Shadow, who played something that definitely wasn’t Duke Day just two Saturdays ago. I wasn’t able to stay for the set, but I fell in love with the music video for “All Around and Away We Go.” Sarah Palin and our North Korean allies highly recommend you do the same.

Before I roll out to gweenuh paschowes, I’ll leave you with another snapshot of campus listening habits. This chart shows what we’ve been listening to especially frequently in comparison with other groups on last.fm. Think of it as an indie-meter of sorts.

For once, I’ll leave duties of deconstruction topographical analysis sassy commentary to the commenters. Have fun, and remember–Olin closes in just two short hours.

EDIT: I’m a dumbass–Twin Sister is behind the music video I linked. You should still watch it, though.

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