I Hope This Gets To You. Seriously though…

So, despite the incredibly debilitating crappy weather we’re experiencing here in Middletown, love is in the air. Just wanted to share this video with everyone for a few reasons: 1. I’ve been playing the song on repeat, so you should share my YouTube favorites. 2. The video is a really neat use of of social networking, sort of utilizing the same viral capacity of the great world wide web as, my fellow Atlantan, Cee Lo Green’s video did earlier this summer. To give you an idea of its success, the video has received 40,000 views since I found it 4 hours ago, bringing it to more than 160,000 views since it was posted yesterday. 3. I’m also just a total sap, and the song and the idea are super adorable. The Weekly Worldly News explains the impetus for the video in this article that the following excerpt was taken from:

“…Los Angeles-based commercial director Walter C. May combined his visual know-how with the musical talents of his friends in the Daylights to craft a viral-video love letter for his significant other. With Lex, his girlfriend, studying for her MBA at Duke University, May decided to write her a song, ‘I Hope This Gets to You,’ with his friends and create a unique music video that gives OK Go a run for their money. But rather than send it directly to her, May tweeted it on Tuesday and asked friends to pass it on in the hope that it will eventually get to her virally. So far, the clip has been retweeted by Katy Perry  and covered by Gizmodo, so it’s only a matter of time.”

Gotta give credit where it’s due, so props to my Intro to Sociology Professor, Greg Goldberg, for showing me this video. I’m only slightly embarrassed that my professor is more hip and connected than I am. Check it out though. Maybe we can find Lex?

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7 thoughts on “I Hope This Gets To You. Seriously though…

  1. anonymous

    it’s pretty amazing to think about how the internet both alienates people by not depending on personal interactions, while also creating this community that allows things like this video to reach someone so quickly. the internet is this enormous thing and yet sometimes it can feel so small!

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