This Is Getting COMICALLY* Blown Outta Proportion


In day three of Doonesbury’s Zonker Harris Day story line, Trudeau teasingly refers to the controversy over the name change, bringing Michael Roth (you know, that guy from the Wesleying banner) into the mix.

Looks like Garry (freaking) Trudeau has established his position in the debate.


*I could have resisted but I didn’t.

PS. An editors note on the Doonesbury website clarified the Wesleyan College vs. Wesleyan University thing stating:

Wesleyan is indeed a university, but it also has a college — whose undergraduates are the ones responsible for celebrating Zonker Harris Day.

Well done Trudeau, you’ve subtly stroked our liberal arts egos while implying that your choice of words was intentional.

Well done indeed.

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