Organ Trio at Buho Tonight

Buru Style’s Bill Carbone, a drummer undoubtedly fresh, a drummer that won’t give you a choice but to dance, a drummer that will crank your musical selves into oblivion with boom, is coming to BuHo tonight with his organ trio (Beau Sasser on organ, Ryan Hommel on guitar). Tonight’s band has toured with Melvin Sparks, a guitar player with some 150 albums to his credit and one of the forefathers of the style. Should drive you some real boogalo.
Wesleyan musicians are encouraged to bring their instruments and sit in on the 2nd set! Show starts at 9 PM and goes to midnight.
  • Date: Tonight
  • Time: 9:00 (now) till midnight
  • Place: BuHo
  • Cost: Free
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