A Little Bit of Love From Rando Alumni: Wesbury #5

Wesleyan’s alumni have responded extremely positively to the recent Doonesbury posts. Here are a sample of their comments:

“Some of my best memories at Wesleyan are from Zonker Harris Day back in the 80s. Thanks for the hilarious strip. I hope it strikes the appropriate nerves.”

“Thanks for the support of Zonker Harris Day and Uncle Duke Day. Wesleyan, a place that makes more teachers and aid workers than investment analysts, has always been more important than its reputation or ranking.”

“President Roth was actually a Senior when I was a Freshman at Wesleyan and we inaugurated Zonker Harris Day back in the spring of 1978. I don’t remember him complaining about it then. I wrote you (Garry Trudeau) to invite you to come to campus to celebrate with us. For weeks I waited for a reply. The joke in my dorm was that I was “Waiting for Trudeau.” Finally, a handwritten letter arrived on fancy Doonebury stationary: “Sorry I can’t make it to your Zonker Day. Both Z and I are flattered by your choice of theme.” Sorry you couldn’t join us then. Thanks for the note, and thanks for taking this on.”

“I am a Wesleyan faculty member and have found the recent strips hilarious. Maybe Toggle (the best new character in years) can apply via the Military Veterans Endowed Scholarship Fund at Wesleyan University.”

“As a Wesleyan alum, I just want to say great work Mr. Trudeau! I was at Wesleyan when the administration censored the names of Zonker Harris Day and Duke Day. This response has been hilarious and greatly needed. I can’t wait to read tomorrow’s strip.”

Thanks to all those who responded through the Doonesbury website.

To read more, check out the Blowback pages.

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