Book Fair at Macdonough

It’s just about nostalgia o’clock in the Wesleying Corporation’s Event Submissions & Global Distribution department:

If you’re planning on doing any holiday shopping for kids, please consider stopping by the Macdonough Elementary School PTA Book Fair on Friday, December 3rd between Noon and 4 pm (66 Spring Street).

It’s just like the Scholastic fairs you remember from your youth — bookmarks, erasers and pencils starting at 50 cents, and books ranging from $4 to $15 or so.

The PTA will be using the book fair profits to pay for a field trip for every Macdonough student. Thanks for your support!

Jen Alexander (Wes ’88, Middletown resident & coincidentally, president of the Macdonough PTA)

Date: Today, Friday, December the 3rd; a wonderful day for events, I’ve heard.
Time: Noon ’til four, need I say more?
Place: Go on fleet feet to sixty-six Spring Street, where Macdonough Elementary remains most sedentary.

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