Harry and the Potters @ Wesleyan . . . 2004?

So, seminal wizard-rock duo Harry and the Potters are playing at Alpha Delt tonight, probably going on in less than an hour.  This is exciting, and you already know this, and hopefully got tickets, because we already blogged about it, and we’re not advertising it again.

Strangely enough, though, this isn’t the band’s first show at Wesleyan. Or Alpha Delt, for that matter. (Why Alpha Delt?) (Why not Alpha Delt?)

A wall post by anonymous alum ’07 on the Facebook event points out that the band played here five or six years ago, before you were even a twinkle in your admission officer’s eye, and it was kind of a big deal. It’s even mentioned in the ADP blurb in Wesleying’s 2006 Guide to Greek Life. The show preceded this blog’s existence by at least a year, and I can’t find an Argus article on it (help?), but I did find a mention in Wesleying co-founder Ishuku‘s  enlightening list of Shows I Hate Myself For Missing. (It seriously is enlightening. I had no idea most of these bands played at Wes during my lifetime, and it makes me wonder what a similar list would look like circa 2010.)

Enjoy the show, current students. Throw me some history in the comments section, recent alums.

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2 thoughts on “Harry and the Potters @ Wesleyan . . . 2004?

  1. Xue

    I DID go to the harry and the potters show in 2004. or was it 2005? i don’t remember. for some reason, it gets mixed up in my head with the world/inferno show, which was also at alpha delt and might have even been the same year. i got kicked in the neck by someone diving off an amp. good times, and second in stupid-show-injuries only because of the time i sprained my ankle rolling around the floor at akron/family senior year in fayerweather/beckham/whatever it’s called now.

    the unicorns show still stands out in my memory as one of the best in my wes experience. then again it might have been because i was like 17 and totally new to things like MUSIC and DANCING, because i’ve read elsewhere that it was legendarily bad.

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