An Appeal From Keepaway

Wes Alums Nick Nauman ’07 and Frank Lyon ’05 from the terrific band Keepaway need our help! They’ve been getting a ton of hype this year and are trying to put together a full length album. In their own words:

We’re a band from Brooklyn. People have called our songs “Best New Music” (Pitchfork), and “actually pretty good” (our mothers). We’ve had an extraordinary year of making music and spinning ideas, and the time has come to make our first full-length record.

Check out their KICKSTARTER PAGE and make a donation to the album fund. You will be rewarded for doing so. Kind of like an NPR campaign, you get rewards depending on how much you give. $1 will get your name shouted off the Brooklyn Bridge by the band in their up coming film. Pledge $10,000 and you’ll get a whole bunch of original art, limited edition CDs, autographs, and Keepaway will take you out on a date, “with three candles.”

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