Procrastination Destination Du Jour: Instant Netflix

Morning, students. It’s finals season. Due dates and exam times loom ominously on the horizon. And you’re jonesing for some quality procrastination like never before, amiright?

Wesleying picks up what you’re throwing down. That’s why every day, from now until the end of the semester, we’ll be providing a new Procrastination Destination du jour, guaranteed to be about as relevant to your studies as a collection of photos of Putin posing with cute animals. (Never mind Mr. Guy Who Claims To Be Writing An Essay on Putin’s Chechen War.) We bloggers do tend to know our way around the internet’s most pointless annals fairly well, but there’s still much garbage treasure to be found, so don’t hesitate to submit your favorite procrastinatory and/or masturbatory (procrasturbatory?) sites to staff(at)wesleying(dot)org.

Today’s tip (via Emily Kianka ’13) deals with the devilishly tempting allure of Netflix’s Instant Watch function when there’s work to be done. Specifically, Caitlyn McGinn of the Columbia Daily Spectator has crafted a brilliant, and brilliantly convoluted, Finals Guide to Netflix Streaming flowchart, illustrating the potent breakdown between “heart-warming” and “LOLZ,” epic and realistic, Beetlejuice and Spice World. Click through, or see the whole chart after the jump, and discover your heart’s true desire. Who the fuck needs Rotten Tomatoes now?

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