3 thoughts on “Roth on Wesleyan on Wesleying: Faculty Approves New Certificate in Civic Engagement

  1. Work Study student

    I think the idea of promoting more interaction with community for students is a great idea. Does anyone know how requirements for volunteering and internships will affect work study students? For example, many of the tutoring programs are paid for work study for students and volunteer for others. In addition, Wesleyan makes the Summer Experience Grants available for work study students who don’t have the luxury of being able to afford spending the whole not summer without getting paid. Will these options be available, or will work not count as volunteer work? Otherwise I could foresee this being most available to wealthier students able to consistently balance a lot of volunteer work on top of schoolwork without having to work during the semester as well.

  2. anon

    Yeah, you have to love how Roth is creating all of these “certificates” and interdisciplinary programs. It’s like you’re creating new departments, but without actually hiring any new staff.

    Not that Roth is to blame for this (mostly started under Bennett) but I’d sure love to know about all the classes I could be taking if we hadn’t broken the bank on a bunch of piss-poor, badly designed, and generally unnecessary physical plant improvements.

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