Procrastination Destination Du Jour: When Parents Text

First, an interesting note regarding yesterday’s Procrastination Destination tip: when I posted Bread People, I had no idea there was a Wesleyan connection. Then I got an email from Craig Malamut ’12 informing me that his brother is the creator of Bread People. It’s a small world blogosphere.

Anyway: today I bring you When Parents Text, an endlessly entertaining blog “dedicated to the trials and errors that come when a parent handles a cellphone.” Somehow I find this a lot funnier than the much loved (and painfully over-quoted) Texts From Last Night, maybe because I think parents are frequently funnier than drunk people.

Warning: if your sense of humor is even vaguely similar to mine, this might be the most viciously time-consuming site yet. Submit your own bizarre parental texting LOLZ here, but also post them in the comments and hope your parents don’t read this blog (hi, Mom).


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