Winter Festival (and the Spirits! [and the Mixolydians!])

Everyone needs a little more elementary school in hir life (without the oppressive heteronormativity of elsewhere, U.S.A):

Do you miss the holiday parties of elementary school when you glued things, made milk carton gingerbread houses, and were so high on sugar that your teachers just gave up? If so, relive the glory days this Friday from 4-6pm at Interfaith house. There will be crafts, food, the Spirits at 4:30, and the Mixolydians at 5. If we are lucky enough to have snow, expect snowmen, snow angles and an epic snow ball fight!

Date: Friday, Dec. 10 (Today)
Time:  4:00 PM – 6:00 PM
Place: Interfaith House (203 Wash)

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