Procrastination Destination Du Jour: The Book of Biff

Today’s procrastination site, The Book of Biff, is a webcomic by Chris Hallbeck that dates back to January 2006. The comic is updated daily Monday through Friday and stars Biff, a strange man who seems to have insect-like feelers. Each comic is a one-panel picture of Biff in a bizarre situation, followed by a caption about the lesson that Biff has learned from his experience. Matter-of-fact and frequently absurd, it can be a great way to pass the time. Here are some rather entertaining ones to check out:

Be sure to read Hallbeck’s anecdotes. Below most comics, he writes a paragraph or so talking about an experience in his life that either inspired him to make that day’s comic or comes to mind when reading it.

Also, don’t forget to send us your favorite procrastination sites at staff(at)wesleying(dot)org. We’d be happy to share them!


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