Wesleyan ED Applicants Notified Tomorrow

Or, “;alsjdg;skjf;dgkjas;dklfgj FREAKING OUT!!”

Consolation: the weather may suck (view from Olin today), and your already exploding stress levels are jumping to miserable heights, but at least you’re not a high school senior anxiously awaiting the verdict from your first-choice school. I remember that anticipation. I don’t miss it.

Tomorrow at this time, Early Decision applicants for Wesleyan’s Class of 2015 (get used to that number—you’re going to be seeing it a lot on this blog) will have received a “yes,” “no,” or “maybe” from Wesleyan’s Office of Admission. As reported last week, Early Decision applications increased by 3% and demonstrated increased diversity. Like last year, decisions will be posted online, largely rendering the large envelope/small envelope panic a thing of the past:

Applicants to Wesleyan are encouraged to participate in our online notification. For both Early Decision 1 and Spring Transfer applicants the online decision page will be available this year from 3:00 pm EST Monday, December 13th through 5:00 pm EST Monday, December 20th.

Oh, and you know what that means: hundreds of screaming prefrosh on Facebook, so get pumped to judge meet your future classmates (or successors) in the least representative and most consistently obnoxious venue for mass social interaction. (Side-note to accepted students: try to avoid the fake groups.) Meanwhile, for a glimpse into the minds of caged, foaming-at-the-mouth applicants, you can always head over to the College Confidential forums, which generally bills itself as the web’s top destination for, well, caged, foaming-at-the-mouth applicants. In a thread for the “Official Wesleyan Class of 2015 ED,” a poster by the username of “halestorm” sums up the general mindset fairly accurately:

;alsjdg;skjf;dgkjas;dklfgj indeed. If you know any ED applicants, now’s the time to wish them luck in both college admissions and personal sanity. Be sure to use college admissions buzzwords like “crapshoot,” totally random,” “100% random crapshoot,” and “everything works out in the end, even after the totally 100% random crapshoot fucks you over.” They’ll appreciate it.

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4 thoughts on “Wesleyan ED Applicants Notified Tomorrow

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  2. halestorm

    hi! i’m “halestorm” and i just wanted to thank you for helping me to see how ludicrous this whole situation is. you allowed me to laugh at myself at a time i was practically exploding with nerves. but the nerves are all gone now – i’ve been accepted!! can’t wait for next year at wesleyan!

  3. PoopStar

    A tip for posting screenshots of text: instead of saving it as a .jpg, which creates those artifacts around letters, save it as a .png which looks much nicer.

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