Douglas Cannon is On Campus!

Exciting news: the Douglas motherfuckin’ Cannon has made a triumphant return to campus for the first time since 2007! Full tip, from the artifact itself:

To Whom it May Concern,

I’m back on campus after a brief hiatus and I just wanted to let the Wesleyan student body know that I’ve returned. It seems that this is a stressful time for most students, so here’s a little bit of holiday cheer. Would you be so kind as to post this to your blog so that as many people as possible receive my message?

Yours Truly,


If you have no idea what we’re talking about, educate yourself here:

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18 thoughts on “Douglas Cannon is On Campus!

  1. 2010

    the cannon was used during the clash of the classes thing last year. Somebody saw it then. Before that it was at Roth’s inauguration. So clearly it is in the administration’s possession.

  2. Guest

    I could believe the whole bit of the university being in control of it right now. To them, anything that creates curiosity and intrigue associated with Wesleyan is one grand marketing ploy.

          1. Haha

            fyi cannon was last seen in 2007 in the back of dave meyer’s car. parked in the driveway of his home. administration personally asked students to stop pursuing it.

          2. anon

            which is some bullshit. let us have out traditions.

            also, taking it off campus makes the prospect of getting it all but impossible, definitely against the spirit of the thing.

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