WSA Write Ins: The Highlights

Hello, and greetings from Wesleying vacation. For those inclined to care, results from the WSA At-Large election can be viewed over at the WSA voting page. The top five vote-getters, who will receive year-long terms, are Syed Ali ’13, Evan Weber ’13, Adam Fishman ’12, Rohan Singh ’11, and Jake Schneider ’14, while the next five vote-getters, who will receive half-year terms, are Dylan Keegan ’14, Aubrey Hamilton ’12, Nicole Okai ’14, Giant Joint(!!), and Rachel Warren ’14. I’m impressed with the strong showing on the part of 2014 (four out of ten ain’t bad, frosh), but I’m especially impressed with Giant Joint’s election for the second year in a row, despite not actually being a Wes student. Good going, GJ—smoke a fat one for me.

Meanwhile, as always, the results page includes an exhaustive write-in vote roundup for you to scroll through, ranging from “the dark lord voldemort” to “the gza” and probably everything in between. Jigglypuff finished with a respectable 34 votes, while Wigglytuff and Huge Spliff grabbed a solid 14 and 13, respectively. For the hell of it, here are some highlights from the write-in pile.

  • mytheos holt (5)
  • jiant goint (4)
  • giant j joint (4)
  • big mothafucking joint (2)
  • julian assange (2)
  • please refill the hand sanitizer dispensers all over campus. it has been too long, and everyone i know is getting sick. this must be some sort of conspiracy, orchestrated by andrew huynh. yeah, that’s right. i called you out, brah.
  • why isn’t jared gimbel running for wsa? i think he deserves a vote. jared gimbel. there it is. consider this your call to action, my friend.
  • also, why hasn’t anyone come to fix the cable in our house? we called maybe six times, and not a single person from att has come. they always try to transfer me to their supervisors, who always ask me to renew my contract, or offer to sell me a phone! wh
  • inappropriate racial stereotype
  • batte mignon
  • get out of your endless meetings and live your life
  • inside every one of our heads is a wsa member. we must eliminate him
  • aynwar randte
  • battestar galacticanwar
  • the dark lord voldemort aka tom riddle
  • the acb
  • noone will pad their resume with my vote
  • the ben firke is too damn high party
  • the lack of adequate basketballs at the ball lending station is also a problem. it’d be wonderful if the lending counter would stock full-size, up to date basketballs. this would be far cheaper than many of the changes the wsa frequently sponsors, and wo
  • collossal bong
  • humongous hookah
  • gg allin
  • while you guys are fixing the rims, is there any chance the one outdoor court that is there could be widened to regulation width, and have a three-point line added? this would only require a simple painting of the courts. it would maybe take a day, and gr
  • pwnwar brb
  • bar mitzvanwar bat mitztte
  • it would also be acceptable for the wsa to build extra outdoor courts. i mean, seriously, there are, like, 3 extra tennis courts outdoors that nobody plays tennis on. the courts are all cracked and shit. we might as well add a couple more hoops, and make
  • lesbians who look like justin bieber
  • ron paul
  • why the fuck don’t we have two ply toilet paper? why is no one lobbying for two ply toilet paper?
  • matthew carl garrett
  • gandolf the grey
  • late night egg and cheese
  • jello biafra
  • “if you cannot take care of the privilidges you have then you will lose them.” dad
  • this is idealistic but if anyone in pac lab found a ipod with biscuits n gravy engraved on the back in 14pt helvetica could you pm or email me.
  • eastco
  • east college
  • victor lloyd butterfield’s east college
  • jayant jhoynt
  • m. night shyamalan’s the legend of eastco
  • the opposite of micah feiring
  • enormous spliff
  • medium sized joint
  • henry diamond abelove
  • the law giver
  • jigglypuff with a laser gun
  • i am sitting in a room different from the one you are in now. i am recording the sound of my speaking voice and i am going to play it back into the room again and again until the resonant frequencies of the room reinforce themselves so that any semblance
  • slightly smaller but still really giant joint
  • bigger than giant joint
  • captain planet
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