Amanda Palmer ’98 Goes Down Under

As far as alumni artists go, we don’t report on Dresden Dolls’ Amanda Palmer ’98 nearly enough, but when we do, it’s always a treat—often in a slightly uncomfortable sort of way (see: Amanda Palmer blogs about experiences living in Eclectic in the mid-90s, Amanda Palmer pens angry song bashing her record label, Amanda Palmer sings eerily catchy song about burning Wesleyan to the ground).

So naturally I was psyched to see the Pitchfork headline announcing the cabaret-pop singer’s upcoming “Oz-themed LP.” Can you imagine a Dresden-style take on “Follow the Yellow Brick Road”? A punked up “Somewhere Over the Rainbow”? This is almost as exciting as that time the Flaming Lips covered “If Only I Had a Brain”! (I’ve never been as enthusiastic as their radio session treatment of “Somewhere Over the Rainbow.”)

Except I’m an idiot and Pitchfork is clearly using “Oz” in the geographic sense: appropriately titled Amanda Palmer Goes Down Under, the album is a tribute to Australia and New Zealand, where it was written and recorded. Oh, well. I got excited all over again when I saw that the tracklist was to include an unspecified Nick Cave cover. Can you imagine a cabaret-style “From Her To Eternity”? A totally feminized “Do You Love Me?”? An eerily revved up “The Carny”?

Well, no. More likely it’ll be nautical-themed love ballad “The Ship Song,” which Palmer has been performing in concert lately. That’s better than no Nick Cave cover at all, I guess. Maybe.

You can glance at the questionable cover art above and eventually purchase the album through Palmer’s website. You can also stream the first single, entitled “Map of Tasmania.” “it’s a collaboration with the UK dj hal ritson (aka the young punx),” writes Palmer, “and it’s…unlike anything you’ve ever heard me do. YOU SHALL DANCE.” Also: “stay tuned for weird bundles, strange favors, and cool merchandise.” And I will.


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