Plotting Pitchfork 2010: An Infohipstergraphicstravaganza

Utterly useless but weirdly fascinating find of the day, via Co.Design and whoever posted it on my friend Adam’s wall: designer Edward Segel has plotted every single Pitchfork album rating from 2010 on a user-friendly bell curve, creating an oddly illuminating infographic that should appeal to anyone who enjoys graphic hyperanalysis of arts criticism (sup, Metacritic?) and/or has never sludged through an AP Statistics exam.

Based on the graph, Pitchfork tends to rate on a bell curve with a median somewhere in the 7.5 vicinity. The data somewhat questionably plots reissues indistinguishably from new releases; for Kanye, I imagine, the real dark, twisted fantasy is having to share the top spot limelight with indisputable classics Exile on Main Street, Pinkerton, Disintegration—and, oh, that Pavement best-of disc perfect for the cretin who can’t be bothered to grab Crooked Rain, Crooked Rain. (At least there was an epic fan contest involved.)

The far-left dot, in case you’re wondering, belongs to Codename: Rondo’s Ghostland Observatory, which Ian Cohen awarded a 1.5 and recommended to “the type who enjoys watching 35 straight minutes of College Humor clips” (ouch). Pity the site hasn’t been as generous with 0.0’s as they’ve been with perfect 10.0’s lately—those reviews were always some of my favorites (see: NYC Ghosts & Flowers, Jason Josephes’ infuriatingly moronic dismissal of Zaireeka [later disowned by fellow reviewer Mark Richardson], that Jet review so gold with insight that it transcended numeric rating).

You can also filter by Best New Music tag or Top 50 selections, or use the handy search function. Enjoy.

LINK: Year in Reviews 2010

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