New Year, New Stuff to Click at Wesleying

send in syedbar linkz plz – ur blog, useful stuf, watevs

This is a call for your submissions to the vast collection of links on the Wesleying sidebar (just above the tag cloud at the bottom). That includes:

  • Your/your student group’s blog/site/thing that can be accessed on the internet
  • Other people’s blogs/sites/things, as long as they have a Wes connection (like alumni and professors)
  • Useful things, like the Boring but Useful/Numbers to Know categories, University links, etc.
  • Relevant things (Middletown stuff, cool college blogs or whatever)

Basically, I’m doing this, except without advance warning because I suck. (As usual, feel free to tell me all about it in the comments!)

WHY IS THIS HAPPENING?!!?” you may have screamed as you read this post, your normative expectations hanging lifelessly in your arms. If that was you, there’s grief counseling after the jump. (There’s also more info on what/how to submit to us.)

Judging by the incredible volume of shoutbox comments we get on it daily, the huge treasure trove of sidebar links on the blog has been central to campus discourse for years now. Unfortunately, it’s fallen into disrepair, much like my self-esteem, and nothing’s been added to it in a while.

I decided to take the chance to destroy all that’s good in the world and go through all the sidebar links, cleaning up anything that either a) hadn’t been updated since before fall 2009, (and didn’t seem otherwise significant), or b) had a link that blew up (rest in peace, shadow wes; at least the Flickr lives on).  On the flipside, though, I’ve added some new links and updated some old ones, which you should check out.

So, if you want your link added, you should give us the site name, the link itself, and a one-sentence-or-less blurb, either by email ( staff$wesleying$org ) or commenting on this post. If it’s your personal site or blog, supply your name and class year or tell us you’d like to remain anonymous. If I deleted your blog/link, sorry — feel free to send it in again by the guidelines given above.

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9 thoughts on “New Year, New Stuff to Click at Wesleying

  1. ZombA-Batte

    Everything I’ve gotten since posting should now be there, except for Full House while they figure out their blog permissions. Let me know if you’re not showing up (student groups, look under Student-Run).

  2. EON!

    EON is no longer using their previous blog or website. EON has a new website (its still under somewhat construction, but will be fully finished at the end of the break) with a calender of environmental events on campus, announcements about environmental events, projects, and opportunities, contact and meeting information for environmental groups, and archived “Green Scenes” (the weekly environmental newsletter with announcements and details about environmental events and opportunities).

  3. Full House

    The Full House program house has a blog here: It’s mostly just pictures from house dinners and programs, but hopefully we can start putting some recipes on there soon for the dishes cooked each dinner!

    Lila Becker (Full House HM)

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