“The 60 Best New Tumblr Blogs of 2010”

Thanks, Buzzfeed!

And thank you, internet, for making blogs like Museum of Modern Tweets (which provides flashy graphic accompaniment to celebrity tweets) and I Studied Abroad in Africa! (actual pull-quote: “This is for all you fabulous biddies who decided that Africa was the right place for you.”) a reality! You rule, 2011. (The above photo, by the way, is from Kim Jong-Il Looking At Things, which seems to have become weirdly popular, considering it’s just pictures of Kim Jong-Il looking at things.)

Other random faves:

Things that make me liek relle confuzed:

Things that really should not exist:

If you’re trying desperately not to be productive this break, you could do much worse than scroll through these. The most astoundingly useless of the bunch (say, Uncomfortable Moments With Putin) remind me of a scrapped idea I once had for a Tumblr, back when FMyLife and MyLifeIsAveage were all the rage. It would be called My Life Is Michael Roth and would consist of nothing but first-person anecdotes that conclude with “MLIMR.” Like: “Today I was buying a turkey sandwich at Usdan Cafe and saw a tour walking by. I waved, and the tour guide waved back and said, ‘Good morning, President Roth!’ MLIMR.” If you create this site and credit me somewhere, I promise to blog about it.

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  1. A-Batte

    As well as the required ending, I think every MLIMR should start with him purchasing an item from Usdan Café.

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