“Tucker Sings,” or “Ode to MUSC109”

Graduates of Alvin Lucier’s Experimental Music course might be able to decipher this avant-garde masterpiece. I give it a 7.6.

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8 thoughts on ““Tucker Sings,” or “Ode to MUSC109”

  1. Anonymous


    That said, the Lucier method involves explaining the methods behind creating the piece as well as any notes/thoughts the composer had when writing it. Not merely showing a video or a piece and expecting us to make sense out of it…that is not the Experimental Way, as far as I know.

    We don’t “decipher” things in his class, the composers always have it deciphered beforehand, usually in instructions or introductions.

    It is unlikely that we can help you here. Just sayin’. (writin’?)

      1. Anonymous

        Sorry for being late. Weekend off.

        Anyhow, it is an explanation of the method behind creating it, but not the meaning. The meaning is for you to decide. The way it is created might never be known to you, if it was not recorded. The meaning comes from the sound, as well as from the method used.

        Explaining the creation techniques, in my opinion, does not spoil anything. In fact, it enhances the experience.

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