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Cool news via the always on-point Aural Wes: alumni band Bear Hands, whose debut Burning Bush Supper Club has been making waves all over the intertubes (and which Pitchfork praised back in November as the latest in a long line of “boys with raw, nasal voices and penchants for shimmering keyboards and huge waves of overdubbed psychedelic guitars” coming out of Wesleyan), will be making noise at Eclectic in just two short weeks.

We’ll post more details when that date (Saturday, January 29) approaches. In the meantime, I like Aural Wes’s write-up (which likens the upcoming show to MGMT’s April, 2008, homecoming gig at Beckham, just as they were beginning to build up steam outside the Wesleyan bubble) enough to repost it here, after the jump. And as per our last Bear Hands post, you can stream tracks from the album here, order it here, and check out Argus interviews with Bear Hands members here and here.

Well, hello 2011. It is great to see you. The magical year when some of us who remember the nascent stages of BEAR HANDS will graduate and move on to smaller residences, ramen noodles and funemployment. Now now . . .  no need to panic.

Bear Hands returns to campus for the first time since I can remember with TONY CASTLES and APACHE KIDBear Hands, in good Bay Area fashion and hip Brooklyn following, dub their music “hyphy” – an interesting categorization, but in this day of mash-up music, this seems just as meaningful as the term “indie.” So, a fair title. But some reverse Manhattanization, if I have ever seen some.

Bear Hands has been touring this fine country for some time now and will make the rounds back to the east coast and to their roots on January 27.  The success of Bear Hands is really a great tribute to what living in Brooklyn, having a cool sound and style, and some networking can do for a relatively young/recently graduated band.  Like all the press lately from DAS RACIST, it is always fun to have that Wesleyan connection to people that are way cooler than I will ever be.  Like the MGMT show spring 2008, when those two started to become all famous and techies of all shapes and sizes flocked to Beckam Hall, this show will probably cost money.  But it’s probably only $5 and outside of our beloved bubble, that is quite the deal.

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