Apply for the Koeppel Journalism course, The Journalist as Citizen

Some information on the Joeppel Journalism course, The Journalist as Citizen, from Professor Anne Greene:

The Journalist as Citizen (WRCT 258) is offered this spring by the distinguished journalist Jane Eisner ’77, Wesleyan’s Koeppel Fellow. Students interested in registering are invited to send a one-page application to jeisner(at)wesleyan(dot)edu by January 17th. Late applications will also be considered. Attend the first class meeting on January 20th if you are interested in the course.

Jane Eisner ’77 has been a national and international reporter, columnist, and executive editor at the Philadelphia Inquirer and a leader in national discussions of media and democracy. She is now editor of the Forward, the weekly Jewish newspaper of major influence nationally and internationally. She is the first woman to win Wesleyan?s McConaughy Award for her contributions to journalism and public life, and she is the first Koeppel Fellow in Journalism at Wesleyan.

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