Fake Michael Roth, Meet Fake Das Racist

If President Roth gets his own fake Twitter persona, why not Das Racist? This one’s a bit more up front about its purposes. Some choice sample tweets:

  • Equal opportunity, gated community, diplomatic immunitity, set the TiVo for Community; but not Outsourced, shit’s boorish and coarse
  • Shoutout to Oscar Mayer Deli Fresh Turkey – I’m a trypto-fan WHAAAAT
  • Catch me up in Foursquare, I’m the Mayor of Macy’s Men’s Wear, White folks always askin’ me, “Heems, Can I touch your hair?”
  • I’m like a first generation Second Life second generation avatar of an avatar watching Avatar
  • artisan cheeses, bipartisan jesus
  • that last tweet was about obama, did you catch that?

Currently: eighteen followers. I’m thinking we can bump that to 300 by Sunday.

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