New England Weather Ruins Basically Everything

except aesthetic beauty.

Those who are back on campus have probably noticed by now the remains of last week’s Snowpocalypse, combined with the morning’s freezing rain: a post-apocalyptic swamp of slush and ice and icy slush ominously coating everywhere you could possibly want to go. (For a real fun time, try walking from Lawn to Usdan.) Those who are not back on campus might probably blame it on the weather. Power lines are down. Trees are falling. My internet is fucked. (Currently liveblogging from the Butt C stairwell—sup, Airwes?) Here’s the P-Safe Advisory I just found in my inbox:

Due to the continuing icy conditions Public Safety advises the community to stay indoors. Public Safety has received numerous reports of tree braches falling due to the icy conditions and Middletown dispatch has received numerous calls for power lines down. All community members are advised to stay clear of downed power lines and report these and any other hazardous conditions to Public Safety.

And, for the hell of it, a sample of (anonymous) Facebook statuses across the mostly disgruntled Wes network today. Basically sums it up:

  • Scratch that… Wesleyan tomorrow (Wednesday). Stupid ice….
  • CT weather, you have an awful sense of humor. this is disgusting.
  • everything is covered in ice, even the snow. SO glad I took ice skating last semester. And eve though it’s insanely difficult to get anywhere, it’s SO PRETTY!
  • You guys… my flight was cancelled and now I’m trapped in Texas!!! But then I got a flight to New York instead where it’s not snowing “animals” and now I will have to take a train!! The snow has taken 4 hours of my life!!!!
  • ____ would be going back to wes right now if new england didn’t suck so much
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5 thoughts on “New England Weather Ruins Basically Everything

  1. Beta Alum

    It’s surprising that P-Safe didn’t specifically warn everyone of the danger of tree branches falling in front of Beta.

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