Audition for Shovels V. Schubert

Come audition for Shovels v. Schubert, a new play written and directed by Ben Firke ’12 and sponsored by Second Stage .

The Sullivan family’s peaceful suburban existence is thrown into disarray when their eldest son Robbie begins to dig a giant pit in their backyard. His younger sister Kate, an amateurish writer and a full-time know-it-all, begins to investigate why her brother became obsessed with such a bizarre and seemingly pointless endeavor. In her attempt to solve the riddle of Robbie’s psyche, Kate discovers her family may not be the pleasant collective that her parents believe it is––and she may have more in common with her brother than she thought.

Be prepared to give a monologue of your own choosing from anything, as well as do a cold reading from the script (there will be copies there).

The auditions will be held in the upper level of Allbritton (the Creative Writing Center) on Saturday at 2 PM and Sunday at 3 PM. If you can’t make those times, or have any questions, email Good luck!

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