Happy Birthday, Vassar!

Our friends at Vassar (i.e., that school you’d probably be at right now if you hadn’t chosen Wes) are celebrating the school’s Sesquicent—okay, fine, 150th birthday this week, and the Mads Vassar blog (because “Vassaring” doesn’t quite have the same ring to it) is atwitter with excitement.  (Twitter is also atwitter. See what I did there?) In fact, they’re so pumped about this so-called Sesquicentennial, they’re attempting to pronounce it! Check it:

For more excitement on the Vassar-at-150 front, check out Mads Vassar’s Best (Imagined) Blog Moments in Vassar History, and the Sesquicentennial site launched last year in celebration of the occasion. They’re even getting a new science center in 2016, because, you know, why not? (Thanks, Shoutbox.)

Happy birthday, Vassar!

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One thought on “Happy Birthday, Vassar!

  1. Max

    I wish I had gone to Vassar instead of Wes. Wes athletics suck and our campus is nowhere near as nice…

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