Pornocopia II: Society and Pornography Info Session

The fine folks behind the epic sequel to the wildly popular student forum write in to announce an upcoming info session:

Hello Friends, come and attend this info session to learn what this forum is all about!

Pornography is everywhere. It is plastered on screens, posted on walls, posing on billboards, and pole-dancing its way through our minds. Despite its ubiquitous nature, porn is looked down upon. Society has always had a love-hate relationship with sexual expression. Publicly, it is condemned; yet, in the privacy of ones own home (or shower, or car, or bare-skin rug, etc), it is celebrated. How is one supposed to navigate these mixed messages? Moreover, there are stigmas based on gender, race, class and religion that dictate who is “allowed” to be sexual. The goal of this forum is to shine a light on the influence of the pornography industry in the construction of societies view of sexual expression. To do this, we will look at the development of the industry, trying to understand the ways it has evolved alongside social, political and technological revolutions.

All opinions and viewpoints on porn are welcome and open minds are a must. Be prepared to discuss, question and have your own ideas challenged. We plan to meet on Monday night from 7:00-9:00. Anytime movies will be shown, there will be a second meeting on Wednesday from 7:00-9:00. This will allow time for both the film and a brief discussion. Pornocopia is a full credit, pass/fail sociology course.

So get excited…in whatever way you deem appropriate.

Your student forum leaders,
Abby Spector ’12 and Taylor Sander ’12

P.S. – There are only fifteen spots available. To determine who we enroll there will be an un-scary application. See you there!

  • Date: Jan. 26
  • Time: 7:00 AM – 8:00 PM
  • Place: Allbritton 103

For more information, you should tap up their Facebook page.

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