Student Forum: Soc 420: Narcotic Hedonism

We will have two info sessions for our class:

Thursday, January 20th 7-8:30
…Monday, January 24th 7-8:30

Everyone should come by, listen to the presentation and apply!
The class is a pass/fail full credit course.

The purpose of this student forum is to discuss the relationship between society and it’s fascination and rejection of hedonistic drug use. Society has always frowned upon drug use and has held strong to the mantra of a drug free society. Our class aims to investigate whether this is an ethical and attainable goal. Historically, mankind has never had a drug free society and has found various uses for drugs such as recreation, medicinal purposes, spiritual experiences and an enhanced perception of reality. However, with the rise of the Western world, western value and religion, perceptions regarding the use of mind-altering substances started to change drastically. Over the last century, movements such as the revival of psychedelic drugs, the hippie revolution and the war on drugs, indicate a somewhat divided perception on the volatile topic of drug use. In American society, drug use is heavily tied to the criminal underworld but it is also glorified and accepted as something that comes with fame and fortune. Throughout our course, we hope to study drug use from a historical and sociological perspective, gain a deeper understanding of why the perceived value of drugs has changed over time, discuss the philosophical question of whether or not we have a right to choose to partake in drug use, understand the sociological and historical context of drug policies and surrounding social movements as well as attain a full understanding of addiction and drug cultures. Has our society simply become aware of the dangers and vice surrounding drug use, or is this new taboo a temporary shift in our cultural desires? We hope to meet once a week for 1 1/2 hours in the evening. This would allow plenty of time for discussion as well as sufficient time to watch any documentaries as a class.

Date:   Jan. 20,  Jan. 24
Time:   7:00 PM – 8:30 PM
Place:  Fisk 115

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