Brew Bakers – Afternoon Discount and Offer for Student Bands

Brew Bakers at 169 Main St., Middletown, (860-852-0034), is now offering students a 10% discount on any drink and pastry, after 2 pm every day. You must show us your student ID. Come and hang out in our relaxed and safe café.

If you are a band and would like to play your music in exchange for free food and exposure, please do let us know.

  • When: Any day after 2 pm
  • Where: Brew Bakers, 169 Main St., Middletown
  • What: 10% student discount on any drink or pastry after 2 pm with an ID; student bands can play for free food and exposure
  • For more information, click here.
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3 thoughts on “Brew Bakers – Afternoon Discount and Offer for Student Bands

  1. hey brew bakers!

    please make better coffee. your coffee is gross.. it’s a shame cuz your food is yummy. but i needs my coffee.

  2. duhh

    oh man i’ve been looking for a relaxed AND safe cafe for so long! places like starbucks and javapalooza are really relaxed, but my mom and i agree, they’re just not safe enough. thank god for brewbakers. does anyone know if they give out free helmets?

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