Emotional Support Animals

A recent alum (2009) would like students who are “psychiatric-ly disabled” to be aware of Emotional Support Animals:

An Emotional Support Animal is a therapeutic resource that is available to anyone who can be considered psychiatric-ly “disabled”, which is a legal distinction but seems to be primarily a matter of showing significant need of a doctor’s care. They circumvent no-pets restrictions in dorms and other such types of housing. I’m writing you because four years ago, I was at Wesleyan, desperately depressed, taking medication, meeting weekly with my therapist, and struggling through my classes. I desperately needed this, and I believe I would have qualified for it — I even suggested something like it once to my therapist — but she either didn’t know or didn’t see fit to tell me, so I didn’t find out and had to suffer unnecessarily for my remaining years at Wes. I want everyone to know about Emotional Support Animals so nobody who needs one ever has to go without.

If you would like to learn more about Emotional Support Animals, click here or here.

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