Roth on Wesleyan on Wesleying: “Roth on Foth”

This irresistable, if a tad bit grainy, image of our fearless leader, like, totally shredding down Foss makes me appreciate all over again the joys of a blog-savvy president:

Everyone needs to blow off a little steam in between fund-raising nationwide, lecturing a class of 160, and writing for Huff Post. (Oh, yeah—and appearing at the gym right when you happen to be there.) The president writes . . .

Wes looks like a winter wonderland, and Foss Hill has been filled with young folks racing down into the snowpack of Andrus Field. And some of the sledders aren’t so young! Kari got me out there yesterday (even though I told her I’d grown allergic to velocity), and it was fun careening down the hill. Here’s the proof:

I remember well the last “storm of the century” when I was a student at Wesleyan struggling with my senior thesis in 1978. Having the snow to fall into, Foss Hill for sledding, and plenty of camaraderie from professors and friends made the winter warm and welcoming, as well as quite spectacular. It still does!

Anyone else think Roth on Foth could be the long-lost bastard sequel to Hop on Pop? The unpublished Dr. Seuss masterwork manuscript exclusively for kids with bad lisps? Didn’t think so.

[Roth on Wesleyan]

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