The Fan Van Returns

Nicole Okai ’14 wants you to take the fan van and support Wesleyan basketball:

It is true – the Fan Van, a bus that takes students to Wesleyan athletic away games for free, is happening again. It will launch next Saturday January 29th, with a bus going to the men’s and women’s basketball games against Tufts, which are very important games for our lovely Cardinals.

1) People can reserve a spot for the Tufts game by emailing, stating their interest in reserving a spot. Yes, next weekend seems like a long time from now but start making your reservations if you plan to go support the basketball team!

2) On Saturday, the bus will be leaving Wesleyan from Usdan at 11:30 am. The bus will be leaving Tufts at 6:00 pm and returning to campus at roughly 8:00 pm.

3) You must come back on the bus on the return trip to Wesleyan. No exceptions! There will be a bus monitor with a list of student names ensuring that all students use the Fan Van both ways.

4) The trip is free of charge, but you must bring your best Wesleyan spirit!

Don’t miss out on this exciting, free opportunity to celebrate Wesleyan with other students. Going to support our sport teams really does help them play their best, so let’s represent our school and cheer for our athletes!

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